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BUF stands for Beautiful, Unstoppable and Fearless which is exactly how you’ll feel when you walk away from a BUF workout or event!

Being a BUF Girl isn’t about competition, body image or comparison. It’s not about being the fittest, the skinniest or the prettiest. It’s about friendship and community. It’s about healthy bodies AND healthy minds. It’s about inspiring, supporting and celebrating each other as the beautiful women we all are, in our own unique ways. It’s about forgetting about working out to chase a shallow ideal of beauty, and training because of how it makes us feel – happy, healthy, balanced, alert, calm, centred, strong, fearless, powerful, unstoppable… it’s about training for the love of it.

BUF Girls is founded by Libby Babet (@libbybabet) one of Australia’s top health and fitness influencers. In 2017 Libby will be joining Channel TEN as the new trainer for The Biggest Loser: Transformed. She is also the founder of athletic performance studio AGOGA, co-founder of Chief Bar, and the resident PT for Women’s Fitness Magazine.

Meet the team!

libby babet

Libby Babet

Founder of BUF Girls. Trainer for Channel 10’s “The Biggest Loser: Transformed”, Women’s Fitness Magazine’s resident personal trainer and ‘entertrainer’ for the HIT Network. Loves to jump. Beach obsessed. Owns way too many pairs of sneakers and bikinis.

alicia beveridge

Alicia Beveridge

Our Location and Licensee Manager for our BUF locations around Australia! BUF’s resident stylist and photographer extraordinaire. Lover of trekking, strength training and goal-based training. Total tattoo addict with a wicked set of lashes.

cassey miller

Cassey Maynard

Travelling Celebrity Fit Reporter. Women’s Health Magazine Fitness Expert. Loves hard work with a sprinkle of fun. Smiling assassin. Curve Creator. Online Coach for BUF Bride and Hollywood Body. Can’t resist a jar of crunchy peanut butter or a Margarita.

sian johnson

Sian Johnson

Our resident triple-threat dancer, singer and actress. Rocks a stage, whether it’s an actual performance or just taking 30 girls through a fun, themed workout on Bondi Beach. Social butterfly who loves to mix business (training) with pleasure (usually a little red wine).

About Our Programs

How Do I Know The Programs Are Any Good?

Our programs are designed and developed by our founder Libby Babet, fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine, and her team of women’s health and fitness specialists including Alicia Beveridge, fitness expert for CLEO Magazine, and Cassey Miller, fitness expert for Women’s Health Magazine and Channel 7’s “The Morning Show”. The BUF Girls also train some of Australia’s top models, actors and celebrities.
Everything we recommend is based on the very latest research, verified by our network of Australia’s top health experts, and tested personally by the entire BUF team before we put it in a program.

Do I Need To Be In Australia To Do These Programs?

Nope! We’ve designed our programs specifically so anyone, anywhere in the world, can participate. And you won’t be alone, you’ll be joining our BUF Girl community and we’ll be doing it together!

What Are My Payment Options?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Amex. You can choose to pay upfront or week to week, whatever suits you better.

Is It Safe To Pay Online?

Absolutely! We use all the latest SSL security to ensure your information is completely safe. We don’t actually store any credit card information ourselves, we use one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world to look after all that for us.

What If I Don′t Like It? Can I Get My Money Back?

Yes! We know you’ll love it which is why we offer a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. You can also cancel at any time from your account at the click of a button.

What If I Can′t Commit To The Whole Program?

If you take up the weekly option you can cancel at any time or put your account on hold until you have time to come back to it. Same goes if you pay up front, just contact us to place your account on hold.

Can I Access Program Content When I Finish?

You’ll have access for a few weeks after the program finishes to go back through everything and you’ll be able to download pdfs along the way. Because we’re always updating course content your access will expire after those two weeks but if you need access again just ask and we’ll be happy to help you out.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?

All our workouts are designed so that you can go at your own pace, but if you’re really unsure, please contact us to discuss your situation before you begin. We always recommend getting advice from your health professional before beginning any exercise program.

Do I Need Any Equipment To Do The Workouts?

No, we’ve designed all workouts to be done at home or in the park with no equipment. If you’re already training at the gym then you might decide to use weights with some of the workouts but it’s not required.

Is This A Diet? Am I Going To Starve?

No, definitely not! We don’t believe in going without or counting calories… it’s just not sustainable and can create unhealthy obsessions with food. Instead, we believe in feeding our bodies highly nutritious and healthy food that’s delicious and satisfying. We’ll teach you how to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

I′ve Tried So Many Things Before, Will This Work For Me?

If you’ve been on the diet bandwagon before, that’s probably where you went wrong in the first place. Dieting doesn’t work… full stop. Sure, restricting your calories for a period of time will cause you to lose weight, but if it’s not sustainable you can cause more harm than good. What we focus on is understanding how to make healthy choices that aren’t a sacrifice, they’re simply a choosing a better option.
We also focus less on chasing the perfect body and obsessing about exercise. We work on creating a healthy association with exercise because it makes you feel happy, strong and alive.

What If I Struggle With Motivation

One of the bits of feedback we always get is that this is the first program that girls actually stick to! It’s because it’s not a big mountain you have to climb all by yourself, we take you through things in a really easy step by step process. Plus the whole BUF community is there to support you every step of the way through things like our private Facebook group where you can also ask your trainers anything you like at any time.

Is This Just For Girls?

Well, yeah the programs are just for girls, but we highly recommend getting your partner, friends and relatives involved in your workouts and recipes. It’s heaps more fun doing this as a team!

Where Does BUF Come From?

BUF is short for Bottoms Up! Fitness, a group and personal training business just for girls that started in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. We’re now also in Manly, Newcastle and Shoalhaven!

Does The Program Include Group Training?

No, this is a 100% online program where we’ll be providing you with workouts you can do at home or at your gym.

How Can I Train With You?

If you’d like to supplement your program with personal training or group training, you can train with us in East Sydney, Manly, Newcastle, or Shoalhaven in Australia. If that doesn’t work for you, chat to us about Virtual PT.
Step 1 is to simply sign up to join the program and then contact us for details about adding training (Personal Training and Virtual PT is subject to availability).

Do I Need To Be A Bottoms Up! Fitness Member?

No, these are a 100% online programs, open to anyone worldwide who wants to join a friendly and supportive community of girls on a guided journey to discover the secrets of achieving and maintaining a fit and healthy body.

I′m A Bottoms Up! Fitness Member, Do I Need A New Account?

Yes, if you train with Bottoms Up! Fitness in Sydney, Manly, Newcastle or Shoalhaven, please note that this is a separate system from where you’d normally book your group sessions so you’ll need to create a new account by clicking Sign Up in the top menu of this website.
Also note, while the BUF Body program is designed to complement your group training, it is run separately. That means that where we provide home workouts as part of the program, you may like to substitute some of those for your group training. You don’t need to worry about following the exact training we recommend in the program – all that really matters is that you’re consistent with your training and getting lots of variety – this is how your Bottoms Up! group training is designed already.

I′m A BUF Manly, Newcastle Or Shoalhaven Member – Am I In The Right Place?

You sure are lady! Our online programs are now run together to make things easier for everyone. Cathy, Mon or Trace can help you with anything but feel free to contact support, whatever works for you. Go BUF Girl!

Foundation Programs

buf body

BUF Body

Join the ultimate girl squad for life-changing nutrition education, fun themed workouts and access to our online community! We all kick off together and support each other along the way.

women sports nutrition

BUF Body Nutrition

Got your training sorted? No sweat! 😉 Join us for the nutrition only component of our BUF Body program and access our amazing online community. Get your girlfriends involved, it’s fun to do it together!

Fitness Programs


LBD Sleek & Sexy

A program for all the social butterflies out there who want to eat their cake and have a hot body too! Four weeks of toning workouts to get you ready for every LBD moment.

hollywood body

Hollywood Body

Perfect for any event you have to get in shape quickly for, this 2-week fast tracked body overhaul program. It’s 100% celebrity approved and a total butt-kicker!

look naked

Look Good Naked

Get lean and confident with this 4-week bikini workout program. For all the beach lovers our there chasing an endless summer!

fit woman

Fit & Fierce

Ready to find your inner sporty girl? Our hottest new four week program release is designed for girls who love goal-based workouts that really give you a push.

Specialist Programs


BUF Bride

Be trained by Australia’s very own Bride Whisperer in the lead up to your big day! A simple, step by step journey to looking your best on your big day.

bride nutrition

BUF Bride Nutrition

If you’ve got your workouts sorted, try the nutrition only version of BUF Bride. We highly recommend doing it with your brides maids!